Services We Offer


There are many different types of garments in the fashion industry.  We believe that patterns for a specific garment or craft should be made by skilled professionals that specialize in that specific garment (i.e. dresses, jeans, tops, men's wear, junior wear, pet wear, etc.).  We have a network of pattern-making experts who we have been working with as partners for many years.  Our partners have been creating and providing top quality work and we can refer you to them.



Grading is the process of creating bigger or smaller sizes of the design from its base pattern.  Our second-to-none grading team will help you create your design into multiple sizes.  We can grade using your specific grade rules, or we can help you achieve the optimal result for each size needed.  Our grading is done on the Gerber, Tukatech, Lectra, Pad System and Style CAD, the industry standard system you can count.  All of our grading services go through multiple checkpoints to ensure its accuracy.



We specialize in making markers according to their fabric print, stripes, plaids, or any design in general. These markers are sometimes refereed to as "border markers" or "match markers" and require the pieces of garment to be strategically placed in order to achieve the desired result.  More importantly, we use the world-renowned marker making programs known to be extremely efficient to help keep your production cost as low as possible.



Digitizing will allow you to have these two benefits:
1. Send your patterns to factories via email.  
2. Archive at its original condition.  Digitized files don't fade or wrinkle!
Our digitizing service is fast and accurate.  We use Gerber System, Lectra, Style CAD, Pad System, Tukatech that are well above the industry standard quality.   We'll send the files to you in whatever format required for your factory.



We can plot from a numerous amount of different file formats. We can also convert files, first, if necessary.  On hand, we have four high-speed plotters for faster service. We can plot emailed files for you or we can email files to you and/or your vendors(cutting service) for instant plotting.



We can export and import pattern files anywhere in the world in the original format, DXF, and PDF.

Gerber Lectra Pad Tuka StyleCAD
.DXF (Data Exchange File) X X X X
.PLT (plot file) X X X X X
.HPGL (plot file) X X X X X
.TMP (style and marker) X
.MDL (style file) X
.PLX (marker file) X
.STY (style file) X X
.MAR (marker file) X
.TUD (style file) X
.TUM (marker file) X
.PDF (Adobe) X
.MRK (marker file) X