Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What services do you offer? 

We offer these services: pattern, grading, marking, digitizing, plotting, and conversion.


2. What systems do you use?

We use Gerber, Lectra, Tukatech, Style CAD, and Pad System.  We also have 4 high speed plotters.


3. Are my files secure? 

Frequently, our customers ask us if their files are protected in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake. We at PatternUSA are aware that your files are extremely valuable.  We back up your files on a daily basis in 2 different external hard drives.  We also back up files online on a weekly basis in case of a natural disaster. We can also provide back-up files to your company under the permission of the owner.

Once again, our service is much more than grading and marking. We can export and import pattern files anywhere in the world in the original format, dxf, and pdf.


4. What is marker making?

The process of making marker begins after the grading is done. Marker making is an essential part of the garment industry because it is utilized to minimize  fabric wastage and also save you time and cost.


5. What if I have other questions?

Please call us at 213-742-1950.  We'll be happy to answer any question!